The best ZOO you’ve ever been

How does Augmented Reality Photo Booth work?

Virtual Zoo is an interactive entertainment center controlled via motion sensors. While a camera records the images of the surroundings and displays them on the screen, a computer connected to a motion sensor generates animated animals in real time and adds them to the displayed image. As a result, users can interact with a giraffe, an elephant, a panda bear, a family of penguins and many other animals. Simple sequences of movements such as jumping up and down, clapping or raising hands allow to play with the digitally generated animals who respond to gestures  made in front of the screen. For completing certain tasks e.g. high-fiving a monkey or petting an elephant, users get points which can later be rewarded.

The application is also available in a version which does not use the motion sensor and does not feature such challenges. Like in a real ZOO, users can hear the sounds made by the animals and watch how they behave. One click is enough to capture your interaction with animals on camera and the photograph will be sent to a chosen e-mail address with a link allowing to share it on social media.

Additional features:

  • Individually selected animals such as panda bears, sharks, giraffe, monkeys, elephants, kangaroos, penguins and many more.
  • Option to save images in the form of photographs
  • Adding captions to photographs
  • Option to send photographs to user’s e-mail account and to his friends
  • Option to share photographs in social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Who can benefit from Virtual Zoo?

The interactive ZOO is an engaging entertainment for such places as entertainment centers and parks,  kindergartens, shopping malls and shopping centers. It will bring fun to promotional events organized for children, as well as children’s parties.

  • 2 days (48 hours)
  • 7 days (168 hours)
  • Lifelong license

Set includes: Kinect One, Minicomputer (i5, 4GB Ram, 128 SSD), cables, Windows 8.1